June Valli

June Valli: Body & Soul

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Artist: June Valli

Artist: June Valli
Title: Body & Soul

This collection from Jasmine focuses on June Valli, a sensational singing star of record and television. Her first big break came on the hit show "Your Hit Parade" along side the orchestra of Raymond Scott.

1.1 Crying in the Chapel
1.2 Congratulations to Someone
1.3 Boy Wanted
1.4 Stormy Weather
1.5 Strange Sensation
1.6 Why Don't You Believe Me?
1.7 Por Favor
1.8 But Not for Me
1.9 Mighty Lonesome Feelin'
1.10 Tell Me, Tell Me
1.11 Tomorrow
1.12 Ole Pappy Time
1.13 I Get Along Without You Very Well
1.14 Kiss Like Yours
1.15 Oh! What a Day
1.16 Three Bells
1.17 Body and Soul
1.18 Brass Ring Love
1.19 Love, Tears, and Kisses
1.20 Now, Now, Now
1.21 I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good
1.22 Gypsy Was Wrong
1.23 Shangri-La
1.24 While There's Time
1.25 Bill
1.26 From the Wrong Side of Town
1.27 Mystery Street
1.28 Things They Say
1.29 Unchained Melody
1.30 Beauty Isn't Everything
1.31 Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
1.32 Taboo
1.33 Cry
1.34 So Madly in Love
1.35 Love and Hate
1.36 All Alone
1.37 Shoulder to Weep on
1.38 Oh! My Love
1.39 Love Every Moment You Live
1.40 Madonna in Blue
1.41 You've Got Me Crying Again
1.42 Now
1.43 I Understand
1.44 Sleepy Head
1.45 Don't Forget to Write
1.46 My Mna
1.47 Many Are the Times
1.48 Young and Foolish
1.49 Don't Tell Me Not to Leave You
1.50 Don't Take Your Love from Me
1.51 Old Shoes and a Bag of Rice
1.52 Tell It to Me Again
1.53 Wrong, Wrong, Wrong
1.54 Always, Always
1.55 I've Got Something in My Eye
1.56 One for My Baby

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