Jute Gyte: Sparrow

Jute Gyte: Sparrow
Title: Sparrow
Label: Blue Tapes & X-Ray
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Adam Kalmbach, the sole musician and producer behind Jute Gyte, is the most important musician in metal since Death's Chuck Schuldiner. Adam has crafted two side-long pieces. The first of these, "The Sparrow", is a kind of modernist black metal symphony that might share some signifiers with the despair-loaded blizzard hymns familiar to fans of Norwegian black metal. The second piece, "Monadanom", is from a suite of ambient microtonal guitar pieces that Adam has been incubating for us since early 2014. It is oceanic, not in the usual new agey sense most often applied to ambient music.

1.1 The Sparrow - Jute Gyte
1.2 Monadanom - Jute Gyte

Jute Gyte: Sparrow

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Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE

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