Kaddisfly: Buy Our Intention We'll Buy You a Unicorn

Kaddisfly: Buy Our Intention We&
Title: Buy Our Intention We'll Buy You a Unicorn
Label: Hopeless Records

Portland, Oregon's Kaddisfly has set out to defy the boundaries. Formed in 2000, the band consciously put it's faith in one principal: intelligent and passionate art will forever remain an unwavering constant. Through their career and culminating in this release, they put art, integrity and diversity into a sleek tapestry that blends progressive aural collages into a rock based concept. Each song it's own story, they've drawn comparison to everyone from Coheed, Incumbus and Sparta, while remaining uniquely Kaddisfly.

1.1 La Primera Natural Disaster
1.2 A Message to the Flat Earth Society
1.3 The Calm of Calamity
1.4 Crimson Solitude
1.5 Eres Tremulent
1.6 New Moon Over Swift Water
1.7 Let Weight Be Measured By Merit
1.8 Akira
1.9 For the Ejection of Rest; They'll Dance
1.10 Osmosis in C
1.11 What Comes of Honesty
1.12 Five Tears from a Carpenter's Eye for Detail
1.13 Buy Our Intention; We'll Buy You a Unicorn
1.14 Set Sail the Prairie
1.15 Horses Galloping on Sail Boats

Kaddisfly: Buy Our Intention We'll Buy You a Unicorn

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