Kamera: Resurrection

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kamera

Title: Resurrection
Label: Sound Pollution

Like seminal 80's bands Duran Duran, New Order and Depeche Mode before them, Kamera blend the electronic with the organic to create their own brand of musical magic for the naughties. Whether playing to a crowd of 35 000 in Stockholm as support band for Robbie Williams, or to 2 people in a dusty small town in the middle of nowhere, Kamera always remain vital, using an original fusion of warm melodies, intrinsic electro-synthesizer harmonies, soaring vocals and fresh lyrics to deliver the aesthetically pleasing beat that is their definitive sound.

1.1 Lies
1.2 Borderline
1.3 Like a Drug
1.4 TV Lights
1.5 Love Surrounds Us
1.6 Disconnected
1.7 I Was Made
1.8 Fragile
1.9 I'm Gonna Be Your Lover
1.10 I Lost Control
1.11 Another Sign of Love

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