Kaos Karma

Kaos Karma: 11 43

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Kaos Karma

Title: 11 43
Label: Bam Balam Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

11 43 is the third Kaos Karma album. Still very much inspired by current experimental blues or rock n' roll, this album is a bit different from the two previous ones. The sound is somewhere between No Blues, Alan Vega, Kendra Smith, and Gong. Kaos Karma is joined on this record by a few Japanese friends and musicians: Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple), Ryoko Ono (Sax Ruins) holding back a bit, which is somewhat unusual but welcome in this context, and last but not least, the divine À Qui Avec Gabriel. Every noise is organized often enameled with groove, this blues has been meticulously built from the ground up. The tracks pour into a sonic and somewhat stormy ocean into which the listener will easily sink. The warm and raspy voice is reminiscent of the well-known ghosts of Beefheart or the wise ones of the Delta. But this is 21st century blues. At the same time old and new, naked, trippy, and orgasmic; a music outside of time, but very real that creates an incredible tension. Personnel: Fab Giberti - vocals, guitar; Pits Esb - studio work, bass. Guests include: Makoto Kawabata, Ryoko Ono, À Qui Avec Gabriel, Soil Vibrates, and Dom Corrieras.

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