Karrin Allyson: From Paris to Rio

Karrin Allyson: From Paris to Rio
Title: From Paris to Rio
Label: Concord Records

Singing in French, Portuguese and English, Karrin Allyson, on her new album from Paris to Rio, threads it all together seamlessly with a singular combination of unbridled charisma and jazz-seeped finesse. Relaxing with US in a Paris cafe one moment, then whisking US off to dance the samba in the streets of Rio the next, the multifarious Karrin Allyson is a exquisite hostess on a vibrant and colorful musical excursion.

1.1 Sous Le Ciel de Paris (Under Paris Skies)
1.2 Samba Saravah
1.3 Te Amo (I Love You)
1.4 O Pato (The Duck)
1.5 Ne Me Quitte Pas (If You Go Away)
1.6 Plasir D' Amour
1.7 O Barquinto (My Little Boat)
1.8 Coracao Vagabundo (My Vagabond Heart)
1.9 Parisian Thoroughfare
1.10 Des Histoires
1.11 Inutil Paisagem (Useless Landscape)
1.12 Cata Vento E Girasol (Windmill and Sunflower)
1.13 Bachianas Brasileiras No.5: Aria/Beto Horizonte
1.14 That Day (Cinema Paradiso)

Karrin Allyson: From Paris to Rio

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