Karunesh: Colors of the East

Karunesh: Colors of the East
Title: Colors of the East
Label: Oreade Music

Karunesh's latest world fusion album captures the magic and wonders of India, as he experienced life there during his many visits. Enter into a world of mysticism and spirituality and experience a musical journey through the timeless dessert sands to the modern day India of Bollywood. Colors of the East features authentic instruments such as bansuri, duduk, sitar, dobro, and tambura in a wonderful mix of traditional and modern Indian songs to help you relax and rejuvenate.

1.1 Dervish Dream
1.2 Vishnu
1.3 The Beloved
1.4 Caravanserai
1.5 Bollywood Delight
1.6 Traverse
1.7 Back Again
1.8 Devotion
1.9 Goa Sunset

Karunesh: Colors of the East

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