Kasim Keto

Kasim Keto: Long Car Rides

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kasim Keto

Artist: Kasim Keto
Title: Long Car Rides

2013 release from the Electronic artist/producer. At 16 years-old, Kasim began cutting school, and unlike his peers, his days were not spent in relaxation, but rather working with pro audio gear in an effort to hone his talent as a producer. As Kasim explains, "working on several local projects and trying to gain notice became a facilitator of my musical talents." After releasing numerous online projects to critical acclaim, Kasim is ready to show the world why he is in a lane of his own. As Brooklyn Bullshit raves, "keep an eye out" for Kasim Keto. With an unmatched drive, Kasim blends Hip Hop, Jazz, and Electronica into a cohesive musical journey on Long Car Rides. The album serves as a journey through the mind of Kasim Keto, as he takes listeners on a road trip of sonic delectation that they will not soon forget.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Antseed
1.3 Wounded Knee
1.4 Rat Race
1.5 Facing
1.6 Belong
1.7 Pusher
1.8 Through
1.9 Long Way
1.10 Tell-Lie-Vision
1.11 Nova
1.12 Who Knows
1.13 Hishandsunderstand
1.14 I Can't
1.15 Cause ; Creation
1.16 Hurry Wait
1.17 So Much Pain

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