Kasper Bjorke

Kasper Bjorke: Fountain Of Youth

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Kasper Bjorke

Artist: Kasper Bjorke
Title: Fountain Of Youth
Product Type: VINYL LP

Despite having deep roots within the club scene as an acclaimed producer, remixer and busy DJ, Kasper Bjørke in past years, has focused on song oriented compositions for his own albums, suitable for home listening rather than the dance floor. But for Fountain Of Youth, Kasper turns his own full attention to the business of making people move. Fountain of Youth is a mini-LP drawing on Kasper's 15 years immersed in club culture and inspired by some of the genres he plays in his own DJ sets around the world: house, classic electro, post-disco and techno. It's exceptionally executed, a masterclass in exquisite sound and production - an innate knowledge of dance floor dynamics. "Cloud 9" is the haunting and melancholic 808 breakbeat infused lead single (which features Urdur on the vocal version, known from the Icelandic collective GusGus) - an intoxicating '90s vocal house music tribute, that will surely provide both euphoric moments on the club floors and warm the hearts of radio audiences alike. "Cloud 9" is released accompanied by luminary remixes from Gerd Janson, Marvin & Guy and Weval. "Klint" is a throbbing and fun jam that conjures up memories of post-disco and itchy Italo. "Rays" draws on a dreamy, descending synth theme, 808 patterns and a thick, punchy low end. "Zenith (feat. Null & Void)" with its distinct, distorted and glitchy modular synth anthem, is a perfect after-burner for the later hours. "Köln" has Kasper showing his deep love for the German techno capital, with a trippy percussive groove that builds into a futuristic ride topped by a simple, synthetic string theme. "Palindromos" pushes into the dream zone driven by filtered drum loops, giving the whole track a sense of enormous space and that certain UK feeling. "Dawn", works as an outro on the mini-LP - a beat-less, ambient saxophone infused affair. The cover art is by Danish rising artist Lotte Rose Kjaer Skau, represented by IMT Gallery in London. The captivating computer visualized art piece is called "Lidenskab" which translates into "Passion".

1.1 Cloud 9 (Original Instrumental Mix)
1.2 Klint
1.3 Rays
2.1 Zenith (Feat. Null ; Void)
2.2 KÖLN
2.3 Palindromos
2.4 Dawn

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