Kayo & Wilczynski: Duality

Kayo & Wilczynski: Duality
Title: Duality
Label: Vinyl Digital
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Kayo & Wilczynski - Two producers, two countries, two singles and one sample pool. Duality. Not only that Wilczynski is known for playing on every German jam, he's now leaving borders behind and teams up with French producer Kayo to create some fascinating and viby beats between lo-fidelity and classic beats.

1.1 Direction Restart
1.2 Cafe Microphone
1.3 Where R U from
1.4 Dark Corner
1.5 Abandoned Forest Clinic
1.6 Wine in Paradise
1.7 Path of Exile
1.8 1Q68
1.9 32° Fahrenheit
1.10 Side to Side (Part 1 ; 2)
1.11 Carthage Love
1.12 Another Direction

Kayo & Wilczynski: Duality

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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