Kearey, Ian / Wigens, Paul: Golden Section

Kearey, Ian / Wigens, Paul: Golden Section
Title: Golden Section
Label: Environmental Studie
Product Type: VINYL LP

Ian Kearey (Shirley Collins, Oyster Band, Blue Aeroplanes) and Paul Wigens (Blurt, Grand Drive, Dave Perry Trio) recorded Golden Section on a half-track in 2005 at Bristol's legendary Cube Cinema hours before the duo's one-and-only performance. It was released a limited run of only 20 CDs. Gerard Langley (Blue Aeroplanes) originally had the idea of putting together a "Sandy Bull / John Fahey" improvised guitar and drum duo and years later the result is the six essential tracks that is the Golden Section LP. Ian Kearey, who last year produced and played on Shirley Collins's Lodestar album (2016), played the six "Fahey"-influenced improvisations on a 1934 Regal Model 27 12-string resonator and a 1967 John Bailey hanjimer which, alongside the incredible jazz drums of Paul Wigens, delivers an intoxicating mix of American primitive, English folk, and early British experimental jazz.

1.1 Where Were We
1.2 A Far Cry
1.3 Lap Wing
1.4 Heartswase
1.5 Feast of the Unknown Gods
1.6 The Golden Section

Kearey, Ian / Wigens, Paul: Golden Section

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