Keepaway: Baby Style

Keepaway: Baby Style
Title: Baby Style
Label: Lefse Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Keepaway's twisty triangle of Mike Burakoff, Frank Lyon, and Nick Nauman have been swimming around the recesses of your imagination for awhile now; they found a lot of interesting stuff there, and they're squishing it together into some serious future pop. They're based in Brooklyn, NY, where they daily hone their synthesis of big city booty beats, wall-wobbling psychedelia, and soul-bending hooks. Their sound lands them right between Black Dice and Lady Gaga. They recorded their debut EP, Baby Style, in Brooklyn. They went hard. The result is a trip down memory lane you haven't yet visited, an immersive take on their wicked live sound. Full PR campaign by reputable company to be determined, but will included online, print, radio, tour support, and have signed with William Morris booking agency. Pitchfork 9 out of 10 track review.

1.1 Yellow Wings
1.2 Family of the Sun
1.3 I Think About You All the Time
1.4 5 Rings
1.5 Evil Lady

Keepaway: Baby Style

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