Keijzer McGuiness: Seed Mabit

Keijzer McGuiness: Seed Mabit
Title: Seed Mabit
Label: Rufus

Dutchman remco keijzer and Australian lucian McGuiness normally reside hemispheres apart, but they brave long haul flights and carry-on restrictions to join musical forces whenever possible. In 2009 they launch the album 'the seed habit' on rufus records. The disc is the product of three years collaboration in Australia and the Netherlands, and was recorded in Sydney in 2008. Jazz is transitory. It twists, turns, strikes and moves on - just like the Keijzer McGuiness quintet, and the music on their infectiously toe-tapping début release. A tenor and trombone combination like keijzer & McGuiness is hard to beat - a sleek, humanistic sound curls up inside your ear and expands your mind. Among the best young players in their hometowns, keijzer-McGuiness gigs soar melodically, with gutsy engagement between personnel; a spectrum of youthful energy, soul, breadth and vigour. This album delivers the key contribution of the jazz tradition: great playing to make your toe tap and your head bounce. Better still, it doesn't fall into the trap of over-seriousness. Sounds like fun.

1.1 Pigis
1.2 Apple S
1.3 Get Out
1.4 GC for CP
1.5 Small Pictures
1.6 Ballade de Conservatoire
1.7 Natte Worteltjes

Keijzer McGuiness: Seed Mabit

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