Keith Urban: THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1

Keith Urban: THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1
Title: THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1
Label: Capitol Nashville

2020 release from the country music superstar. The Speed Of Now Part 1 includes the hit single, "God Whispered Your Name". "In October 2019 this album title came to me. I liked it because I felt like life was flying by so fast. But music (for me) has always been the place where it slows down and doesn't even exist. I would never have imagined that, in 2020, this album title would take on a whole new meaning." - Keith.

1.1 Out the Cage
1.2 One Too Many
1.3 Live with
1.4 Superman
1.5 Change Your Mind
1.6 Forever
1.7 Say Something
1.8 Soul Food
1.9 Ain't It Like a Woman
1.10 With You
1.11 Tumbleweed
1.12 God Whispered Your Name
1.13 Polaroid
1.14 Better Than I Am
1.15 We Were

Keith Urban: THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1

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