Kennebec: Departure

Kennebec: Departure
Title: Departure
Label: Night Time Stories
Product Type: VINYL LP

Departure' Is the debut album from the Portland based multi-instrumentalist Kennebec. Drawing influences from the likes of Studio Ghibli, soundtrack composer Joe Hisaishi, cult hip hop artist Nujabes as well as Australia's Taylor Crawford and Tycho's ambient electronica, the 10 track album is a culmination of two years work, from Eric Phillips.

1.1 As We Grow Older
1.2 Seasons Change
1.3 Kalahari
1.4 Abundance - In The Reeds
1.5 A Monsoon
1.6 Pipe Dreams
1.7 Wellspring
1.8 Quest
1.9 Yesterday, Tomorrow
1.10 Departure

Kennebec: Departure

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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