Kenny Wayne Blues Boss

Kenny Wayne Blues Boss: An Old Rock on a Roll

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Artist: Kenny Wayne Blues Boss
Title: An Old Rock on a Roll

Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne is a veteran blues and boogie piano player, raised in New Orleans but now resides in Vancouver. Influenced by Fats Domino & Johnnie Johnson, he's worked with Joe Louis Walker, Delaney & Bonnie Bramlett, Billy Preston and members of Sly & the Family Stone. His powerful live performances are enhanced by the sartorial splendor of his boldly colored stage suits. An Old Rock on a Roll, was produced by Duke Robillard who says, "He's a monster pianist, and a soulful singer, who captures the essence of old school blues and boogie while sounding totally fresh and contemporary."

1.1 Searching for My Baby
1.2 Fantasy Meets Reality
1.3 Heaven, Send Me An Angel
1.4 Devil Woman
1.5 An Old Rock on a Roll
1.6 Don't Pretend
1.7 Run Little Joe
1.8 Howlin
1.9 Wild Turkey 101 Proof
1.10 Bring Back the Love
1.11 Way Overdue
1.12 Rocking Boogie Party
1.13 Give Thanks

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