Kenny Garrett

Kenny Garrett: Pushing the World Away

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Artist: Kenny Garrett

Artist: Kenny Garrett
Title: Pushing the World Away

Escaping from the noise and distractions of daily life provided the creative environment for Kenny's work on this project, an exercise that could benefit US all in an attempt to obtain a clearer view of the world. Kenny's last recording, SEEDS FROM THE UNDERGROUND, paid homage to those who inspired him and although PUSHING THE WORLD AWAYs primary focus US not on Kenny's tutelage of young musicians, the number of you young musicians who participated in this recording emphasizes his mentorship.

1.1 A Side Order of Hijiki
1.2 Hey, Chick
1.3 Chucho's Mambo
1.4 Lincoln Center
1.5 J'ouvert (Homage to Sonny Rollins)
1.6 That's It
1.7 I Say a Little Prayer
1.8 Pushing the World Away
1.9 Homma San
1.10 Brother Brown
1.11 Alpha Man
1.12 Rotation

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