Ketil Bjornstad

Ketil Bjornstad: Passion for John Donne

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Artist: Ketil Bjornstad

Artist: Ketil Bjornstad
Title: Passion for John Donne

1.1 Introitus - a Passion for John Donne
1.2 Thou Hast Made Me
1.3 A Fever
1.4 Death, Be Not Proud
1.5 Interlude No.1
1.6 The Legacy
1.7 Batter My Heart, Three Personed God
1.8 A Nocturnal Upon St. Lucy's Day
1.9 Farewell to Love
1.10 Interlude No.2
1.11 Since She Whom I Loved Hath Paid Her Last Debt
1.12 A Valediction, Forbidden Mourn
1.13 Oh, to Vex Me, Contraries Meet in
1.14 Interlude No.3
1.15 There We Leave You

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