Kevin Kane

Kevin Kane: How to Build a Lighthouse

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kevin Kane

Artist: Kevin Kane
Title: How to Build a Lighthouse

Kevin Kane is one half of the singer/songwriter team that was the Grapes of Wrath, one of the first success stories for Nettwerk Management signed to Capitol Records worldwide in the mid '80s. The Grapes brand of elegant understated pop pre-dated today's return to earthier harmonic roots pop. Kevin Kane does not disappoint. This CD is exactly how you'd expect a Grapes of Wrath CD to sound like today. Featuring drumming by Nelson Bragg (Brian Wilson) and mastering by Kramer. Includes a wonderful cover of "Arnold Layne" by Pink Floyd.

1.1 Last to Know
1.2 Somebody Needs a Hug
1.3 Late Night
1.4 Closer
1.5 No Postcards
1.6 Where Do You Go?
1.7 Arnold Layne
1.8 No Black Dots
1.9 Nothing Left
1.10 Sputnik

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