Kevin Peek: Still Waters

Kevin Peek: Still Waters
Title: Still Waters
Label: Voiceprint UK

2010 release from the highly regarded session guitarist and founder member of the Classical Rock band Sky. Still Waters is an album comprising of instrumental pieces Kevin wrote and recorded for film and television. As a whole, the music works well together and, as an instrumental album, many Rock fans will enjoy the breadth and depth of style contained on the album. 16 tracks.

1.1 Courante
1.2 Still Waters
1.3 Ramble
1.4 Heath Dance
1.5 Where Were You?
1.6 Finger Dance
1.7 Autumn Wind
1.8 Mediterranean Holiday
1.9 Toy Dance
1.10 Wheels
1.11 Days in Peru
1.12 Highway Reflections
1.13 Sailing Days
1.14 After the Carnival
1.15 Walk in the Sun
1.16 From a Mountain Top

Kevin Peek: Still Waters

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