Kiki D'Aki: Villa Flir

Kiki D&
Title: Villa Flir
Label: Siesta

We have the tremendous good fortune of introducing the new record of KIKÍ D'AKÍ an unconventional pop heroine & the most memorable musical encounter that we have had in the many years. There was a period in the mid-80s when no sophisticated student or music connoisseur bedsit was complete without a copy of the seven & twelve inches of LAS CHINAS & KIKÍ D'AKÍ. These bands -that were reminiscent of Girls at our best Lio the Go-Go's Patty Bravo Ronnettes or early Blondie- clearly prefigure.

1.1 Metropolis
1.2 Hoy Te VI
1.3 Tonterias
1.4 La Ventana
1.5 Si Hace Sol
1.6 El Corazon Cansado
1.7 La Sombra Del Rosal
1.8 Junto Al Mar
1.9 En Mi Soledad
1.10 Que Mas Da
1.11 Villa Flir

Kiki D'Aki: Villa Flir

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