Kilby Snow

Kilby Snow: Kilby Snow: Country Songs and Tunes with Autoharp

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kilby Snow

Title: Kilby Snow: Country Songs and Tunes with Autoharp
Label: Folkways Records

Recorded over three days on the stage of an auditorium near Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, Kilby Snow sings and plays autoharp on this 1969 Folkways release. Snow began playing the autoharp at just three years old. By the time he was five, he won first prize of $20 in gold at a fiddler's convention. Liner notes include an introductory essay by Snow as well as notes on a number of the album's songs.

1.1 Molly Hare
1.2 Greenback Dollar
1.3 Wind and Rain
1.4 Budded Roses
1.5 Sourwood Mountain
1.6 The Cannonball
1.7 Mean Women
1.8 The Road That's Walked By Fools
1.9 Autoharp Special
1.10 I Will Arise
1.11 The Old Crossroads
1.12 No Tears in Heaven
1.13 Lonely Tombs
1.14 Flop Eared Mule
1.15 'Round Town Girls
1.16 Two-Timing Blues
1.17 Woodrow for President
1.18 Shady Grove

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