Kim Byoung Duk

Kim Byoung Duk: After Long Silence

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Kim Byoung Duk

Artist: Kim Byoung Duk
Title: After Long Silence
Product Type: VINYL LP

Kim Byong-duk is a Korean experimental / ambient musician who has paved his own artistic path by drawing on various musical styles as well as his roots in jazz and modern music. The 2018 anthology, Experiment No. X, reaffirmed Kim's status as one of the most progressive and unique musicians in Korea's experimental music scene. After 24 since his 4th album New Trilogy (1995), Kim has returned with a new album, After Long Silence. This album represents the next chapter in Kim's journey toward new sonic realms, a continuation of the efforts of this long-term veteran of Korea's music scene.

1.1 Awakening 14:10
1.2 Percussion Solo No. 3 05:10
1.3 Time Sketches 09:21
1.4 Shaman Dance 06:15
1.5 Guitar Meditations: No. 1 Pursuit 06:48
1.6 Guitar Meditations: No. 2 Conflict 03:35
1.7 Guitar Meditations: No. 3 Stability 04:31
1.8 Guitar Meditations: No. 4 Unity 03:31
1.9 More Free 08:56
1.10 Journey Together 12:11

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