Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde: Wilde Winter Songbook

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kim Wilde

Title: Wilde Winter Songbook
Label: Earmusic

With 'Wilde Winter Songbook', originally released in 2013, pop icon Kim Wilde fulfilled a long-desired wish of hers. On top of new interpretations of famous classics such as "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" (duet with Nik Kershaw), "Let It Snow" and "Winter Wonderland" (duet with Rick Astley), the album also includes a variety of her own songs such as "Winter Song", "Hope" and "New Life". In addition, this Deluxe Edition contains six bonus tracks, so far only released in the UK - including a beautiful version of "Keeping The Dream Alive" and the all-time Christmas hit "Last Christmas" by Wham! As well as two exclusive original recordings and remixes.

1.1 Winter Wonderland
1.2 Hope
1.3 One
1.4 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
1.5 Winter Song
1.6 New Life
1.7 White Winter Hymnal
1.8 Burn Gold (Silent Night)
1.9 Song for Beryl
1.10 Let It Snow
1.11 Hey Mister Snowman
1.12 Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
1.13 Keeping the Dream Alive
1.14 Isobel's Dream
1.15 Deck the Halls (Angels Sing)
1.16 Last Christmas
1.17 Hope (Electric Penguins Remix)
1.18 Burn Gold (Electric Penguins Remix)
2.1 Winter Wonderland
2.2 Hope
2.3 One
2.4 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
2.5 Winter Song
2.6 New Life
2.7 White Winter Hymnal
2.8 Featuring - Marty Wilde
2.9 Burn Gold (Silent Night)
2.10 Song for Beryl
2.11 Let It Snow
2.12 Hey Mister Snowman
2.13 Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
2.14 Keeping the Dream Alive
2.15 Isobel's Dream
2.16 Deck the Halls (Angels Sing)
2.17 Last Christmas (Acoustic)

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