Kimi Djabate: Karam

Kimi Djabate: Karam
Title: Karam
Label: Cumbancha

The first release in the CUMBANCHA DISCOVERY series, which provides a platform for under-exposed talents in international music. Kimi Djabate is a guitarist, percussionist and balafon (African xylophone) player from Guinea-Bissaue, a former Portuguese colony in West Africa. Djabates appealing and accessible sound is acoustic and melodic, with a touch of Afro-Latin swing on some tracks and the gentle sounds of the balafon providing a foundation for most. Fans of Habib Koite, Toumani Diabate, Cesaria Evore and Sara Tavares will find much to love in Kimi Djabate's stunning music.

1.1 Kod (Love)
1.2 Karam [Education]
1.3 Djomb [Personality]
1.4 Mussolu [Women]
1.5 Mogolu [The People]
1.6 Manla [I Cannot Believe It]
1.7 N [Mother]
1.8 Dab [Tribute to Dab ]
1.9 Fatu [Tribute to Fatumata]
1.10 Manh [Bride]
1.11 Alifat [Stop!]
1.12 Djalia [The Griot's Art]
1.13 Fulol N [Ethnicity]
1.14 Banhan [Enough]
1.15 Bagi [Tribute to Bagi]

Kimi Djabate: Karam

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