Kindimmer: Wax Substance EP

Kindimmer: Wax Substance EP
Title: Wax Substance EP
Label: Poker Flat
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Thanasis Voulgaris aka Kindimmer inaugurates Poker Flat's vinyl-only series. On Quite Beachy, a rich, heavy kick and crisp percussion underpin a spooky, melodic motif, casting a vibe of eerie suspense and hypnotic intensity. Fractions of Essence marries a rubbery kick to sustained pads and snatches of birdsong. Gliding, smooth, and dappled with light and shade, it's the sound of an endless autobahn journey through the heart of a dense forest. A Complex Network of Flaws, which evokes Theo Parrish at his most meditative, and 3 Thoughts, irresistible on a peak-time floor, both sit on lo-fi rhythms created from an eclectic bricolage.

1.1 Quite Beachy
1.2 Fractions of Essence
1.3 A Complex Network of Flaws
1.4 3 Thoughts

Kindimmer: Wax Substance EP

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Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE

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