King Crimson

King Crimson: Great Deceiver 2

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Artist: King Crimson

Artist: King Crimson
Title: Great Deceiver 2

At first glance it may have seemed like overkill, 4 CDs of live unreleased material from only one of several of the King Crimson line-up covering a 9 month period of performing. THE GREAT DECEIVER helped define that approach afresh when issued in 1992 delighting some of that original audience along with an audience new to the material. 15 years on from that release, with the music sounding as vital as ever, the set is reissued across twin 2 CD sets.

1.1 Walk on... No Pussyfooting
1.2 The Great Deceiver
1.3 Improv - Bartley Butsford
1.4 Exiles
1.5 Improv - Daniel Dust
1.6 The Night Watch
1.7 Doctor Diamond
1.8 Starless
1.9 Improv - Wilton Carpet
1.10 The Talking Drum
1.11 Larks' Tongues in Aspic
1.12 Applause ; Announcement
1.13 Improv - Is There Life Out There?
2.1 Improv - the Golden Walnut
2.2 The Night Watch
2.3 Fracture
2.4 Improv - Clueless and Slightly Slack
2.5 Walk on... No Pussyfooting
2.6 Improv - Some Pussyfooting
2.7 Larks' Tongues in Aspic
2.8 Improv - the Law of Maximum Distress
2.9 Improv - the Law of Maximum Distress
2.10 Easy Money
2.11 Improv - Some More Pussyfooting
2.12 The Talking Drum

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