King Diamond

King Diamond: Dreams of Horror

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Artist: King Diamond

Artist: King Diamond
Title: Dreams of Horror

Over the course of thirty years, King Diamond remains as one of the most prolific and important figures in metal. With a career so extensive, anniversaries of not have come and gone, but in 2015, King Diamond celebrates an anniversary few acts survive to celebrate: 30 years as a band. Raise our collective glasses to DREAMS OF HORROR, a tribute to 30 years of some of the most important metal put to tape and written into bytes and bits.

1.1 The Candle
1.2 Dressed in White
1.3 The Family Ghost
1.4 Black Horsemen
1.5 Welcome Home
1.6 The Invisible Guests
1.7 At the Graves
1.8 Sleepless Nights
1.9 Let It Be Done
1.10 Eye of the Witch
1.11 Insanity
2.1 Dreams
2.2 The Spider's Lullabye
2.3 Waiting
2.4 Heads on the Wall
2.5 Voodoo
2.6 Black Devil
2.7 Help!!!
2.8 Spirits
2.9 The Puppet Master
2.10 Blue Eyes
2.11 Never Ending Hill
2.12 Shapes of Black

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