King Diamond: Give Me Your Soul...Please

King Diamond: Give Me Your Soul...Please
Title: Give Me Your Soul...Please
Label: Metal Blade

King Diamond is quite possibly the most recognizable and prolific personality ever in Heavy Metal. Revered by icons as big as Metallica and Pantera to inspiring new upstarts like Goatwhore, King Diamond, the man and the band, have left an indelible mark on the history, and now again, the future of heavy metal. They now release their latest album, GIVE ME YOUR SOUL.. PLEASE.

1.1 The Dead
1.2 Never Ending Hill
1.3 Is Anybody Here?
1.4 Black of Night
1.5 Mirror Mirror
1.6 The Cellar
1.7 Pictures in Red
1.8 Give Me Your Soul
1.9 The Floating Head
1.10 Cold As Ice
1.11 Shapes of Black
1.12 The Girl in the Bloody Dress
1.13 Moving on

King Diamond: Give Me Your Soul...Please

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