King Khan Experience

King Khan Experience: Turkey Ride

$13.92 $16.98
Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: King Khan Experience
Title: Turkey Ride
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. King Khan's adventures almost 18 years ago in the cities of Bordeaux and Berlin, finely documented in music, get the vinyl treatment for the first time! These recordings were made while King Khan galavanted through Europe's most hedonistic cities and collected a merry group of pranksters to make sweet sweet rock 'n' roll with. And who did he meet along the way? Sophie Crumb, the genius comic book cretin and painter extraordinaire. Upon meeting Sophie in the south of France, Khan had a mystical vision of a giant Turkey Ride with a human ass, and a couple of kids standing around it and staring at it. Sophie enjoyed this mystical vision and put some ink and some watercolor together and brought it to life! Music and art twist the night again!

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