Kinny: Idle Forest of Chit Chat

Kinny: Idle Forest of Chit Chat
Title: Idle Forest of Chit Chat
Label: Tru Thoughts

2009 release from Bergen based Caitlin Simpson AKA Kinny. From Modern Jazz and Electronic Soul, Kinny's influences span many genres yet she prefers to strip down the arrangements and let her classically trained voice do the talking. Though Amy Winehouse may have the headlines, Kinny has the class. Check out 'Forgetting to Remember' with it's double bass backing and you'll realize that you do not need big orchestration and production to sound great. Kinny's vocals soar and she interpret the songs with intelligent phrasing and difficult vocal chord changes that appear effortless in execution. Tru Thoughts.

1.1 Idle Forest of Chit Chat
1.2 Damn
1.3 2546 Nice!
1.4 Water for Chocolate
1.5 Afro Love Forest
1.6 Queen of Boreness
1.7 Enough Said
1.8 Back Street Lust
1.9 Desire
1.10 Forgetting to Remember
1.11 Petrified Dazed

Kinny: Idle Forest of Chit Chat

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