Kira Willey

Kira Willey: How to Be a Cloud: Yoga Songs for Kids 3

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Artist: Kira Willey

Artist: Kira Willey
Title: How to Be a Cloud: Yoga Songs for Kids 3

How to Be a Cloud is the third album from Kira Willey, a nationally recognized kindie artist and children's yoga teacher, and the creator of Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids. Kira's songs include the hits "Colors" (featured in a worldwide Dell media campaign) and "Roller Coaster" which won the Independent Music Award for Best Children's Song; both get regular play on Sirius XM Radio. Her first two CDs (Dance for the the Sun and Kings & Queens of the Forest-also available) have won available) have won including Parents' Choice and Independent Music Awards. How to be a Cloud, packaged in an eco-friendly digipak with full lyrics and colorful illustrations, includes 13 songs plus 9 instructional Yoga Tracks Melody, lyrics and activity blend seamlessly together on this album; at a time when schools are dropping both music and physical fitness from the curriculum, songs like these can provided much-needed moments of movement and tranquilty. Sweet vocals, catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics are the hallmarks of Willey's style.

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