Kirlian Camera

Kirlian Camera: Katle Container

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kirlian Camera

Title: Katle Container
Label: Radio Luxor

100 Page history book about this monumental Italian new wave band, including several exclusive pictures and interviews. The CD contains collaborations with different bands: : wumpscut:, Allerseelen, Limbo, Ultima Thule, Manipulation, 6th Comm, T.A.C., Collection D' Arnell, Shining Vril, Andrew King and more.

1.1 Solaris
1.2 Eclipse
1.3 Drifting
1.4 After Winter
1.5 König
1.6 Helden Platz
1.7 The Desert Inside
1.8 Nightship 451
1.9 The Icy Dawn
1.10 May
1.11 Schmerz
1.12 Heaven's Darkest Shore 1
1.13 Blue Room

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