Kiss: Music from the Elder: German Version

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kiss

Title: Music from the Elder: German Version
Label: Mercury Import

German-only pressing of this 1981 album from the Rock quartet featuring a re-designed version of the band's logo on the album cover. The problem in Germany with the band's original logo stemmed from the fact that Nazi Germany's Schutzstaffel otherwise known as the SS used a similar lightning bolt logo stylized with the Armanen Sig runes. MUSIC FROM 'THE ELDER' was the ninth studio album released by Kiss. A substantial departure from their previous output with it's epic concept and orchestral elements. The album was Ace Frehley's last partnership with the band until their 1996 Reunion Tour.

1.1 Fanfare
1.2 Just a Boy
1.3 Odyssey
1.4 Only You
1.5 Under the Rose
1.6 Dark Light
1.7 A World Without Heroes (Album Version)
1.8 The Oath
1.9 Mr. Blackwell
1.10 Escape from the Island
1.11 I

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