Kiss the Sky

Kiss the Sky: Sugar Pie / Glory

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Artist: Kiss the Sky

Artist: Kiss the Sky
Title: Sugar Pie / Glory
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Seven inch vinyl pressing. Kiss the Sky is Melinda Camille, John Robinson, and Pat Van Dyke; a collective of soulful singer/songwriter, veteran MC, and multi-instrumentalist which first came to fruition in 2012 on the B-Side of the Cotter Records' release Miles & Trane from John Robinson & PVD. The organic chemistry between the three artists continued to flourish on the Modern Vintage LP as Camille lent her vocals and songwriting skills to three tracks from JR & PVD's full length debut. Here with "Sugar Pie" b/w "Glory", we witness the formal debut of the project from the three artists now known as Kiss the Sky. Recorded in Jersey City off and on over the course of the past few years, these two tracks introduce the world to what's to come from Kiss the Sky. Funky organic production, intelligent wordplay, and soulful songwriting define the group's sound.

1.1 Sugar Pie
1.2 Glory

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