Klemmstein / Hamburger Ratsmusik

Klemmstein / Hamburger Ratsmusik: Barock Trifft Moderne

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Klemmstein / Hamburger Ratsmusik
Title: Barock Trifft Moderne

The works brought together on this release form a rare constellation: a sacred cantata, a fantasy for chamber ensemble, a solo clarinet work and a symphony for large orchestra. This selection of works clearly reflects the theme of Encounters. Stylistic and musical juxtapositions are heard here through the prism of music history: Baroque music meets twenty-first-century music, a church cantata meets a symphony, a solo instrument meets an orchestra. There is an encounter between two composers with the same surname, three centuries apart: Johann Theile and Sebastian Theile. Another is between two composers whose works are the result of their own experiences as orchestral musicians: Sebastian Theile and Eberhard Klemmstein. On this album the solo clarinetist Sebastian Theile posthumously reencounters 'his' orchestra, the Meiningen Court Orchestra, as composer.

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