Klique: Lets Wear It Out

Klique: Lets Wear It Out
Title: Lets Wear It Out
Label: Edge J26181

2007 remastered reissue of their 1981 debut album originally released on the MCA label. The trio was Howard Huntsberry ('Sleepless Weekend'), Deborah Hunter, & Isaac Suthers. This album featuring the hit singles 'I Can't Shake This Feeling' and 'I Can't Get Enough' is one of the all-time favorite albums of any serious Soul-Funk collector. Produced and arranged for 8Mile RD. / John Lodge Productions by Cooper, Fuller, Pilate of Confunkshun, David Crawford & Isaac Suthers.

1.1 Dance Like Crazy (Let's Wear It Out)
1.2 I Can't Shake This Feeling
1.3 Pump Your Rump
1.4 Baby You Can Be the One
1.5 Best of Love
1.6 Feel So Good
1.7 I Can't Get Enough
1.8 Let Me Do

Klique: Lets Wear It Out

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