Klique: Try It Out

Klique: Try It Out
Title: Try It Out
Label: PTG Records

Digitally remastered edition of this 1983 album. Klique was an R&B trio from Los Angeles, California that consisted of Isaac Suthers and his sister, Deborah Hunter and Howard Huntsberry. Isaac used to sing in nightclubs around the Los Angeles area and later he and Deborah got together and decided to form a group. After auditioning people, Howard Huntsberry became involved in the group and Klique was born.

1.1 Inside Me
1.2 Flashback
1.3 Stop Doggin' Me Around
1.4 Honey (I Want to Be Your Lover)
1.5 Try It Out
1.6 Burning Hot
1.7 Sarah
1.8 Tender Footed

Klique: Try It Out

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