Knall: Raubkatze Auf 12 Uhr

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Artist: Knall

Artist: Knall
Title: Raubkatze Auf 12 Uhr

Reissue of KNALL's neo-kraut masterpiece "Raubkatze auf 12 Uhr" finally available on CD. The new funky and crazy neo-krautrock masterpiece by German improvisation artist collective KNALL marks yet another magic milestone in their band history. It is the typically comforting Knall sound, already trademark of this extraordinary band that puts a spell on the listener and takes them on a journey through colorful, spacey, psychedelic realms. The art of harmonic improvisation with all it's facets slides through this intergalactic album like Aphrodite.

1.1 Raubkatze
1.2 Derwisch
1.3 Fell
1.4 Graf Gammel
1.5 Sightseeing
1.6 Seaweed
1.7 Catwalk
1.8 Lachs

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