Kokomo Arnold: Complete Recorded 1

Kokomo Arnold: Complete Recorded 1
Title: Complete Recorded 1
Label: Document

Arnold had a very lyrical and and vocal sound to his playing. On 17th May 1930 he cut a record for Victor, using the pseudonym Gitfiddle Tim. The recordings from this session were outstanding and make up Volume 1 of Kokomo Arnold's Complete Works.

1.1 Rainy Night Blues
1.2 Paddlin' Madeline Blues
1.3 Milk Cow Blues
1.4 Old Original Kokomo Blues
1.5 Back to the Woods
1.6 Sagefied Woman Blues
1.7 Old Black Cat Blues (Jinx Blues)
1.8 Sissy Man Blues
1.9 Front Door Blues (32 20 Blues)
1.10 Back Door Blues
1.11 The Twelves (Dirty Dozens)
1.12 Feels So Good
1.13 Milk Cow Blues-No.2
1.14 Biscuit Roller Blues
1.15 Slop Jar Blues
1.16 Black Annie
1.17 Chain Gang Blues
1.18 Monday Morning Blues
1.19 How Long How Long Blues
1.20 Things 'Bout Coming My Way
1.21 You Should Not a 'Done It (Gettin' It Fixed)
1.22 Lonesome Southern Blues
1.23 Black Money Blues
1.24 Hobo Blues

Kokomo Arnold: Complete Recorded 1

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