Konstantia Gourzi

Konstantia Gourzi: Anajikon

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Title: Anajikon
Label: Ecm Records

2021 release. An jikon, the second ECM album by Athens-born/Munich-based Konstantia Gourzi, incorporates her chamber and orchestral music of the past decade. The composer also conducts the Lucerne Academy Orchestra here. Gourzi is particularly concerned with making connections between the arts, which also relates to the question of her own artistic identity and the influence of her origins. In Gourzi's sound language, elements of different musical traditions repeatedly merge, and East/West enter into a dialogue.

1.1 *Konstantia Gourzi - Hommage À Mozart, Op. 56
1.2 I Con Eleganza, Intense, Tanzend
1.3 II Singing, Sostenuto, Dreamish
1.4 III Scherzoso, Ma Calmo
1.5 *Konstantia Gourzi - NY-Él - Two Angels in the White Garden, Op. 65
1.6 Eviction
1.7 Exodus
1.8 Longing
1.9 The White Garden
1.10 *Konstantia Gourzi - Anájikon - the Angel in the Blue Garden, Op. 61
1.11 The Blue Rose
1.12 The Blue Bird
1.13 The Blue Moon - the Bright Side
1.14 The Blue Moon - Turning
1.15 The Blue Moon - the Dark Side

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