Kool & the Gang: In the Heart: Expanded Edition

Kool & the Gang: In the Heart: Expanded Edition
Title: In the Heart: Expanded Edition
Label: BBR

Digitally remastered and expanded edition includes bonus tracks and liner notes. Originally formed as a Jazz band in the ‘60s, they would reinvent themselves via funk in the ‘70s and once again in the ‘80s with feel-good Pop-Soul. Continuing on from a decade-long reign on the charts, Kool & the Gang released their fifteenth studio LP, 83's In The Heart, and continued their trend of unashamedly feel-good Soulful Pop music with the positive and inspirational 'Straight Ahead' (UK #15), the gorgeous mid-tempo balladry of 'Joanna' (R&B #1/Pop #2/UK #2), the anthemic 'Tonight' (R&B #7/Pop #13/UK #2) and the joyous love song, '(When You Say You Love Somebody) In the Heart' (UK #7). Also featured here as a bonus track is a rare promotional 1983 Eumir Deodato remix of their earlier anthem 'Ladies Night'. Kool & The Gang injected sentimental fare around their dancefloor-ready hits throughout their commercial peak but In The Heart sees the band dedicate an entire record to the joys and nostalgia of romance. As unashamed as the band had become in their pop leanings, they also embraced adult themes beyond their sharply honed 'Good Time' sensibilities. Closer 'September Love' best exemplifies this with James 'J.T.' Taylor regaling the story of a short-lived romance that could have happened at any time, any place, yet their delivery renders it both intimate and universal simultaneously.

1.1 In the Heart
1.2 Joanna
1.3 Tonight
1.4 Rollin'
1.5 Place for Us
1.6 Straight Ahead
1.7 Home Is Where the Heart Is
1.8 You Can Do It
1.9 September Love
1.10 Joanna (Single Version)
1.11 Tonight (Aor Mix)
1.12 (When You Say You Love Somebody) in the
1.13 Heart (Single Mix)
1.14 Straight Ahead (12" Long Version)
1.15 Ladies Night (12" Promo '83 Remix)
1.16 Tonight (12" Dance Mix)

Kool & the Gang: In the Heart: Expanded Edition

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