Korn: Issues

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Korn

Artist: Korn
Title: Issues

Limited import edition of the smash California alternative rock/ metal outfit's 1999 & fourth album with a five track bonus CD featuring 'A.D.I.D.A.S.' (Radio Mix), 'Good God' (Dub Pistols Mix), 'Got the Life' (Josh Abraham Mix), 'Twist/ Chi' (Live) and the previously unreleased 'Jingle Balls'. a combined total of 21 tracks. Slimline jewelcase.

1.1 Dead
1.2 Falling Away from Me
1.3 Trash
1.4 4 U
1.5 Beg for Me
1.6 Make Me Bad
1.7 It's Gonna Go Away
1.8 Wake Up
1.9 Am I Giong Crazy
1.10 Hey Daddy
1.11 Somebody Someone
1.12 No Way
1.13 Let's Get This Party Started
1.14 Wish You Could Be Me
1.15 Counting
1.16 Dirty
1.17 A D I D a S (Radio Mix) (Bonus Track)
1.18 Good God (Dub Pistols Mix) (Bonus Track)
1.19 Got the Life (Josh Abraham Remix) (Bonus Track)
1.20 Twist Chi (Live) (Bonus Track)
1.21 Jingle Balls (Bonus Track)

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