Kova: Stay Tuned!

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Artist: Kova

Artist: Kova
Title: Stay Tuned!
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. It's time for a teaspoon full of funk, a pinch of jazz, and a big bag full of fat drums. Kova finally delivers his debut album on vinyl! Get 25 tracks selected and concepted with love on every detail. Kova: "The TV will not be televised, but this release truly seems like the best show you've never seen."

1.1 Stand By!
1.2 Bojangles
1.3 The Groove Tube
1.4 Orderly Lives
1.5 Mommy Dearest
1.6 TV Chicken Dinner
1.7 The Bad Man Is Robin
1.8 Prophet of Rage 1
1.9 Journey Into Spring
1.10 Mindless Sheep
1.11 Prophet of Rage 2
1.12 Technical Difficulties
1.13 The Tube Is Life
1.14 Graffiti Rock
1.15 Make Time
1.16 The Time Machine
1.17 TV Will Never Be the Same
1.18 Joyful Noise
1.19 Media Assassin
1.20 This Is My Spot
1.21 The Message
1.22 The TV Will Not Be Televised
1.23 The Me Generation
1.24 Wheel of Fortune
1.25 Big Brother Is Watching You!

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