Kreutzer Quartet: Microtimings

Kreutzer Quartet: Microtimings
Title: Microtimings
Label: New Focus

This 2-CD set includes the inaugural recordings of Beaudoin's music based on microtiming: A refined methodology for translating micro-temporal properties of a recorded performance into standard notation, which are then used as the basis for newly-composed acoustic works. The CDs include 11 recent pieces, recorded in England, based on microtimings of Argerich playing Chopin, Cortot playing Debussy, and Pollini playing Webern. Disc 1 is devoted to piano music and Disc 2, string quartet music.

1.1 Etude D'un Prelude I?Chopin Desseche
1.2 Etude D'un Prelude Iv?Black Wires
1.3 Etude D'un Prelude Vii?Latticed Window
1.4 Etude D'un Prelude Xi?Four28
1.5 The Artist and His Model I?La Fille Floutee
1.6 I. Neuordnung Nach Dauern
1.7 II. Bewegungen in Zeitlupe
1.8 III. Neuordnung Nach Lautstarken
2.1 I. Etude D'un Prelude Ii?Flutter Echoes
2.2 II. Etude D'un Prelude Vi?The Real Thing
2.3 III. Etude D'un Prelude Vii?Kertesz Distortion
2.4 IV. 28Four
2.5 The Artist and His Model Ii?La Duree Sans Contacts S'affaiblit

Kreutzer Quartet: Microtimings

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