Krokus: KROKUS : One Vice at a Time

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Krokus

Title: KROKUS : One Vice at a Time
Label: Rock Candy

Digitally re-mastered edition of the Swiss Hard Rock band's 1982 album. There comes a tipping point in every artist's career where years of hard work and paying dues suddenly turn into an avalanche of praise and success. Krokus reached this point with the release of ONE VICE AT a TIME, a supremely crafted album, boasting a clutch of tracks that elevated their appeal far beyond anything previously conceived or, indeed, achieved. Co-produced in London by former AC/DC engineer Tony Platt, the band made a concerted effort to refine their sound and ambition by bringing their trademark style fully into focus. Sure, certain accusations that that their riff hungry approach was uncomfortably similar to that of AC/DC had been banded about but their distinctively European charm and quirky lyrical approach helped to ameliorate such criticism. Jam packed with a number of raucous tracks, there is room enough for the band to drill down deep yet retain a sense of composure befitting a band safe in the knowledge that they were about to reap the rewards of years of hard work.

1.1 Long Stick Goes Boom
1.2 Bad Boys Rag Dolls
1.3 Playin' the Outlaw
1.4 To the Top
1.5 Down the Drain
1.6 American Woman
1.7 I'm on the Run
1.8 Save Me
1.9 Rock 'N' Roll

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