Krs-One: Return of the Boom Bap

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Artist: Krs-One

Artist: Krs-One
Title: Return of the Boom Bap
Product Type: VINYL LP

Although BDP had basically been a vehicle for KRS' solo vision at least since EDUTAINMENT, RETURN OF THE BOOM BAP is the first full-length release under his own name. As such it marks a significant turning point in his career, effectively stating that even if CRIMINAL MINDED had secured him old-school legend status, KRS was in fact the first new school emcee. Along with Rakim and a handful of others, he took rap away from elaborate call-and-response delivery of fairly simple rhymes towards a soliloquy of complex rhyme schemes and original metaphors. Consistent enough that he never had to worry about whether or not to call it a come-back, KRS nevertheless covered his bets by enlisting the new school's most innovative producer (DJ Premier) to complement his own beats on this solo debut.

1.1 Krs-One Attacks
1.2 Outta Here
1.3 Black Cop
1.4 Mortal Thought
1.5 I Can't Wake Up
1.6 Slap Them Up
2.1 Sound of Da Police
2.2 Mad Crew
2.3 Uh Oh
2.4 Brown Skin Woman
2.5 Return of the Boom Bap
2.6 "P" Is Still Free
2.7 Stop Frontin'
2.8 Higher Level

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