Kuhlau / Gallois

Kuhlau / Gallois: Quatuors Pour Flutes

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Product Type: CD

Title: Quatuors Pour Flutes
Label: Urtext Records

Patrick Gallois, who is internationally regarded as one of the greatest flutists of our time, has the particularity of reinterrogating each work he approaches with a new ear to offer an innovative and bold interpretation. He is joined by the extraordinary French flute ensemble Trio d'Argent, to give new life to neglected classical masterpieces by Eugène Walckiers (1793-1866): Grand Concert Quartet in F # min Op.46 and Friedrich Kuhlau (1786-1832): Grand Quartet in mi min Op.103. For several years they had been trying to record these two magnificent quartets for flutes by Freidrich Kuhlau and Eugène Walckiers. Finally their busy schedules allowed them to work with one another and record these virtuoso quartets. The result is a musical experience of great intensity and an unprecedented feast not to be missed. The originality of this recording also comes from the choice of having interpreted these quartets with four wooden flutes (Abel flutes). The wood allows each one of the four virtuosos to get closer to the sounds of the instruments of the time and to match the sonority and articulation in a miraculous manner. This release is chamber music elegance and virtuosity of the highest order.

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