Kurt Elling

Kurt Elling: Close Your Eyes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kurt Elling

Title: Close Your Eyes
Label: Blue Note Records

Kurt Elling's debut has the jazz vocalist sharing his shiniest musical instrument-his voice.. His startling delivery, alongside his pitch and range craft a story for you that you can only watch if you CLOSE YOUR EYES.

1.1 Close Your Eyes
1.2 Dolores Dream
1.3 Ballad of the Sad Young Men
1.4 (Hide the) Salome
1.5 Married Blues
1.6 Storyteller Experiencing Total Confusion
1.7 Never Say Goodbye (For Jodi)
1.8 Those Clouds Are Heavy, You Dig?
1.9 Wait 'Till You See Her
1.10 Hurricane
1.11 Now It Is Time That Gods Came Walking Out
1.12 Never Never Land
1.13 Remembering Veronica

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