L.C Cooke

L.C Cooke: Complete Sar Recordings

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Product Type: CD
Artist: L.C Cooke

Title: Complete Sar Recordings
Label: Ace Records

THE COMPLETE SAR RECORDINGS OF L.C. COOK is a collection from Sam Cooke's younger brother. The first 10 tracks were planned as an album release, but after Sam's death and the closure of SAR, it never happened. There are seven extra tracks, of which three are previously unreleased, plus some studio chatter.

1.1 Take Me for What I Am
1.2 The Wobble
1.3 Magic Words
1.4 Sufferin'
1.5 The Lover
1.6 Put Me Down Easy
1.7 You're Working Out Your Bag
1.8 Tell Me
1.9 Chalk Line
1.10 Teach Me
1.11 The Lover (Unreleased Version)
1.12 Miss Sally
1.13 Gonna Have a Good Time (Session Chat)
1.14 Gonna Have a Good Time
1.15 Put Me Down Easy (Single Version)
1.16 If I Could Only Hear
1.17 I'm Falling
1.18 Do You Wanna Dance (Yea Man)

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